Do you often feel like you work all day and then you get home and work all night with the family? Like you can’t fit in any “me time”? Like you’ve lost your identity?

You are not alone!

The stress from trying to juggle so much is very common, but balance is possible! Use these 5 TIPS to help get on the right path to a happy and healthy lifestyle.

  1. CREATE A WEEKLY SCHEDULE – Find an hourly planner and schedule in your day. Start with the usual suspects: morning routine, work day and dinner/night routine. Then take the in-between hours and make them count! Add in an hour a week for a massage, 30 minutes a day for reading, 45 minutes/day for a workout, etc. Find what FILLS YOUR CUP and mark it in pen! The most important part after you do this is to STICK TO IT as much as possible. When you’re with your family – be with them and not distracted by work, phone, etc. When it’s your “me time” make sure you take it! Need some ideas? Click here to see my favorite self-love recommendations!
  2. LET GO OF THE GUILT – Do you feel guilty because you’re working so much or having to put your child in daycare? Instead of focusing on feeling bad, remember WHY you are working so hard and what it is providing you and your family. Some days are always harder than others so try and find another parent to connect with on those days you may need a little extra support.
  3. PLAN SOMETHING FUN – Once a month plan a fun family get-together. Go visit family, visit a museum or try out a new park. Experiencing new things together creates memories and gives you new things to talk about and connect with.
  4. START EACH DAY RIGHT – Plan the night before for a flawless morning routine and your day will go much more smoothly. Try laying out clothes and making lunches the night before. The morning of, take 5 minutes for a morning mantra meditation or to envision your successful day and then go for it. What you you in your 1st hour of the day can dictate the next 23 hours!
  5. SCHEDULE IN DATE NIGHTS – Having time for just you and your significant other is JUST AS IMPORTANT as having family time and alone time. Get a sitter and do something fun! Use this time to reconnect and let loose and enjoy your kid-free time….bonus points for not talking about work or the kids!

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